The Shocking Truth About Your Safety in the US

Today I stumbled across a disturbing infographic. Really didn’t expect US to have the highest burglary rate in the whole world! It just reminds me how many things are wrong with this country, isn’t that sad?

A burglary takes place every 14.4 seconds, how crazy is that!? Just let it sink in for a moment. This info really makes me consider securing my house or at least look for some home security system consumer reports. I remember the story of my cousin who was sleeping during the burglary in his house. He woke up to the sound of conversations on the walky talky just one stairs below him. I can only imagine how he felt right then. The crazy thing is he rushed downstairs to catch the burglar which had a head start and was running for his life super fast. (Un)fortunately the burglar escaped as a car around the corner was waiting for him. Things could have gone really bad since you never know who you are dealing with.

Hopefully I opened some eyes about the importance of home security, look out and stay safe folks!