The Top Free Services for Downloading Music in 2014

Amidst a world that is divided by languages, races, ethnicity, culture, traditions and more, if there’s something that helps us shatter divisions and unite us, it is music. Thanks to the extensive reach of the World Wide Web, finding and listening to music has become way easier. There are a lot of websites out there that offer music downloads. While some charge downloads, there are many that offer free download services. However, one cannot be always sure that the websites that offer free music download services are the ones that are legal. So in case you are on the lookout for the top free services that offer legal music downloads in 2014, check out some of them below.


The online retailer-mammoth, perhaps, ranks first in the list of top free services for downloading music. Apart from offering tracks for purchase, the website also offers tracks for free downloads. With over 50,000 tracks available for download, the website makes available tracks of upcoming artists and musicians who hope to make it big in the industry. Well categorized, Amazon is indeed a must checkout site for music fans.


Hosting and boasting a compilation of over 390,000 tracks that are not just free but legal, Jamendo is one of the best services that offers free music downloads. Launched in 2005, the website offers several new ways to search for artists and tracks that include track listings based on popularity, tracks that have attracted the most downloads; most recent tracks and new releases. Since tracks receive user-given ratings, you won’t find it difficult to select the song or a music genre that you intend to hear.

Free Music Archive

Launched in 2009 by Jersey City Radio Station, the website is like an online repository of free and legal music. Allowing users to donate funds directly to contributing artists, the website also states and claims the way music can be used. For instance, the website lists if a track can be used only for personal use, or if it can be shared or distributed for other requirements such as for background score and/or in video slideshows.

Apart from this, there are other websites such as Soundcloud,, Internet Archive’s Audio Archive, services like Gratis Nieuwsgroepen where you can enjoy free Usenet trials among others that offer similar services, and are highly regarded by users. Do check them out to download music that you prefer for free, and legally.